Barney Magic Device is a custom made product made by the Nickelodeon fans. It first released on April 4, 1990, and is currently sold in markets everywhere.


The Barney Magic Device is a device that can do things magically. It is waterproof and 100% working.

How it worksEdit

Using the Barney Magic Device is very simple.

  1. Keep it at home or in your pocket so you know where to find it.
  2. You can find or get things from the future or from the past very easily by doing the Barney Shake. For example, if you want to get a PolyGram Karaoke LD, just roll your eyes, then shake your tail, and presto. Without it, it doesn't seem to be working and you won't be able to get the thing you wanted.
  3. To fix things such as a disc and a corrupted hard drive, just close your eyes and wish real hard.
  4. You can teleport to anywhere very easily. To do this, just close your eyes and say "Shimbaree, Shimbarah" twice. That also works with you and your family.