This sound effect can be found on Cartoon Trax Volume 1 which was made by The Hollywood Edge. It is originally a Disney sound effect.


  • First recorded: 1938
  • Creator: Jimmy MacDonald
  • Owner: The Walt Disney Company (1938-1990), Nickelodeon (1980-present), Hollywoodedge (1990-present)
  • Origin: United States
  • Year debut: April 15, 1938
  • First heard: Donald's Nephews
  • Area used: Worldwide

It first debut in the 1938 Donald Duck cartoon "Donald's Nephews." Since then, Disney used it as their trademark whistle zips in their cartoons and movies. Starting in the mid-50's, other studios like Warner Bros. and DePatie-Freleng Enterprises would later use the sound in their cartoons. Starting in 1980, Nickelodeon would later use this sound in custom Nickelodeon media made by the Nickelodeon fans. Hollywood Edge would later add it to the first Cartoon Trax sound effect library in 1990. And is today commonly used in media today along with other Disney whistle zip sounds from the library.

Sound Effect DescriptionEdit

Medium-long Whistle For Streak By ( l.e. Fast By ). Rooted from the Disney library and adapted first by Warner Bros.

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Barney & the Backyard Gang Edit

  • Dying for Pie (1990) (heard once when Dylan throws the "Friends 4 Ever" book outside)

Barney & Friends Edit

  • () (heard when )
  • () (heard when )

Barney Videos Edit

  • () (heard when )
  • () (heard when )

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  • Baby Wordsworth (2005) (Videos)



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