Nancy Dirkx

Real name

Nancy Dirkx

Birth place

Habsburg Netherlands (present-day Netherlands)

Birth date

February 21, 1573


18 (Soul Calibur III-Soul Calibur IV)
35 (Soul Calibur V-Soul Calibur Endless Rage)


Chinese Sword

Fighting style

Hwang Shi Dadao Shu (Soul Calibur III, Soul Calibur Endless Rage)
Seong Style longsword + Natural Footwork (Soul Calibur IV)
Ling-Sheng Su Secret Arts of the Sword (Soul Calibur V)




Soul Calibur III
Soul Calibur IV
Soul Calibur V
Soul Calibur Endless Rage

First game

Soul Calibur III

English voice actor

Carrie Savage (Soul Calibur III, Soul Calibur Endless Rage)
Megan Hollingshead (Soul Calibur IV)
Stephanie Sheh (Soul Calibur V)

Nancy Dirkx is a character in the Soul series of the fighting games made by Dean Breen. She made her debut in Soul Calibur III, and has returned in Soul Calibur IV, Soul Calibur V, and Soul Calibur Endless Rage.

Physical appearanceEdit

Nancy has green eyes and long, blonde hair. She has long hair that is based on the Hime cut. In Soul Calibur III, her hair is shorter. She has a sweet and young face, similar to Abelia's. She has white skin.


Soul Calibur IIIEdit

In Soul Calibur III, Nancy's main weapon is Blue Thunder.

Soul Calibur IVEdit

Soul Calibur VEdit

Soul Calibur Endless RageEdit

Fighting StyleEdit

Nancy wields a Chinese sword to slash people and fights with Hwang Shi Dadao Shu. In Soul Calibur IV, she changes her style from Hwang Shi Dadao Shu to Seong Style longsword + Natural Footwork, because she can both slash and do more kicks on people reminiscent of Tae Kwon Do. In Soul Calibur V, she changes her style from Seong Style longsword + Natural Footwork to Ling-Sheng Su Secret Arts of the Sword, because her speed is slower and she has a lot of feint attacks. In Soul Calibur Endless Rage, her fighting style is the same from Soul Calibur III.

Critical FinishEdit

She kicks the opponent in the air and performs several attacks that make a Japanese sequence. She then poses as the opponent explodes in the background, but is blown away by said explosion.

Critical EdgeEdit

She launches her opponent into the air, and slashes him/her three times while jumping and whirling in a circular motion. After landing, she strikes a pose, surrounded by lotus petals and shimmering light.


Create-a-Soul formula SCIIIEdit

Name: Nancy

Gender: Female

Job: Pirate

Discipline: Chinese Sword

Weapon: Any

Hair: Semi-Long (Straight) (08,20)

Mid Torso: Battle Dress (30,20)

Neck: Grand Choker (30,20)

Lower Legs: Sarashi (32,17)

Feet: Metal Short Boots (30,20)

Face: 04

Eyebrows: 10,20

Lips: 03,15

Eyes: 15,10

Skin: 04,15

Underwear: 01,18

Voice: Girl 1 (English)

Alignment: Evil/Dark



Soul Calibur IIIEdit

Soul Calibur IVEdit

Soul Calibur VEdit