One Thing About Corpses



Original airdate

March 20, 1995

Written by

Toshiyuki Endo

Directed by

Joe Johnston

One Thing About Corpses is the 11th episode in the sixth season of Tiger Troops. It originally aired on March 20, 1995.


The Tiger Troops and the kids rest at the road and go on a trail, in search of some enemies so they can use their power to fight them.



  • Chris (Jonathan Brandis)
  • Danny (Justin Whalin)
  • Darren (Ricky Schroder)
  • Jimmy (Joey Lawrence)
  • Zack (Balthazar Getty)
  • Jay (Will Friedle)
  • Lily (Allison Mack)
  • Karen (Nicholle Tom)
  • Mary (Lisa Wilhoit)
  • Rachel (Blaze Berdahl)
  • Ellen (Thora Birch)
  • Diane (Lacey Chabert)
  • Abigail (Janice Kawaye)
  • Ashley (Tiffany Burton)
  • Bridget (Melissa Altro)
  • Bryan (Toby Scott Ganger)
  • Danielle (Cristina Pucelli)
  • Kenny (Michael Yarmush)
  • Pablo (Daniel DeSanto)
  • Sophie (Lisa Ortiz)
  • Victor (Grant George)
  • Yang (Christian Buenaventura)
  • Kenny (at age 4) (Devon Werkheiser)
  • Male Assassin (Nicolas Cage)
  • Female Assassin (Anne Heche)


  • In this episode, the female members of Tiger Troops wear casual action hero clothes.
  • In this episode, Chris's line "Do not delude yourself, wretched fool!" is a reference from Raphael in the Soul Calibur series.

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Quote 1:Edit

  • (the Tiger Troops rest on the fields. They are sitting on the chairs and on the grass)
  • Danielle: Guys, I just wanna ask you a question.
  • Jay: What's that?
  • Danielle: There are enemies at the fields and at the forest.
  • Chris: What's she saying?
  • Rachel: She says that there are enemies at the field and at the forest.
  • Chris: Oh.
  • Mary: Danielle, can you tell us more?
  • Danielle: There might be zombies and some scary animals so you'd better watch out or else they'll kill you.
  • Zack: Dammit!!! There's no way we can stop them!!!
  • Kenny: I heard about this goddamn story. When I was little, some scary monsters scared the fuck outta me.
  • (the scene segues into Kenny, as a little boy in his bedroom)
  • (a creepy noise is heard offscreen)
  • (some scary monster scare Kenny)
  • (Kenny screaming)
  • (the scene segues back into the Tiger Troops and the kids at the fields)
  • Chris: Oh, that was scary!
  • Kenny: It sure is.
  • Sophie: It's because there are corpses at the fields, they're pretty disgusting.
  • (Danielle scoffs)
  • Yang: Pathetic!! Your tricks won't work!!
  • Rachel: Don't you realize what the hell you're saying?!
  • Sophie: If there are corpses at the cemetery, there might be a proper burial. But don't worry, you'll get used to it.
  • Darren: How did you manage to even exist!?
  • Ashley: Sorry, Darren. But there are some dead people lying on the grass.
  • Lily: You know, Ashley, we're not gonna see some gross stuff there. At least, some of the people killed them, because they're assassins.
  • (the scene segues into the assassin searching some zombies)
  • (a creepy noise is heard offscreen)
  • Female assassin: What the fuck is it?
  • Male assassin: I think it's a zombie.
  • (the creepy noise continues)
  • Male assassin: Oh, my God!! We gotta kill them!!
  • (the zombies come to the fields)
  • (the assassins kill them with some deadly weapons)
  • Female assassin: You think you can handle it?
  • Male assassin: Yes.
  • Female assassin: Good. Then, we're safe now.
  • (the scene segues back into the Tiger Troops and the kids at the fields)
  • Chris: Goddammit!
  • Danielle: (gasps) They did!?
  • Lily: Yes, it was very scary!
  • Pablo: That was the scariest thing of all. The assassins killed the zombies with some deadly weapons.
  • Danny: Pablo, try to relax. Corpses are dead bodies. Now do you think you can handle it?
  • Pablo: Yes, Danny.
  • Bryan: That was just like a scary story already!
  • Danielle: Anyway, the more you kill enemies, there will be a corpse on them.
  • Ellen: Oh, shit.
  • Chris: I never knew there are so many corpses in the fields. If we wanna see them, we just hafta go there. Just because corpses are scary, they might be very disgusting.
  • Bridget: Ew! Gross!
  • Danielle: That's not good, you know that?
  • Sophie: Yeah, we don't wanna touch their bodies.
  • Chris: Hmph. It was nothing.
  • Victor: Chris, do you think we should stay safe?
  • Chris: Yeah. (chuckles)
  • Danielle: Don't worry, Chris. You'll get used to it.
  • Chris: All right, all right. It's not gonna be like the good ol' days.
  • Bridget: Relax. There's nothing to worry about.
  • Yang: Yes, Chris. Believe in mind.
  • Chris: Okay. Yesterday afternoon, when my dad was cutting the grass with a lawn mower at the backyard, I went into the fields and I saw some corpses on some zombies.
  • (the scene segues into Chris going to the fields to find some corpses on some zombies)
  • Chris: (touches a zombies, gasps) What is this? Oh, no! Some assassins killed them. Now the zombies are lying on a grass. (screaming) SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!! HEEEEEEEEEELP!!!!!
  • (the scene segues back into the Tiger Troops and the kids at the fields)
  • Abigail: Really?!
  • Chris: Yeah. That's what happened.
  • Jimmy: Wait a minute. How'd you know there are zombies at the fields?
  • Yang: They might be dead and they are disgusting.
  • Ashley: We'll just hafta to stay together as a group, or else we will die.
  • Jimmy: Oh, my God! This is not happening to me!
  • Chris: Shit, I don't have time for corspes. What a pain.
  • Bridget: I'm sure there's nothing to be afraid of.
  • (a creepy noise is heard offscreen)
  • Chris: What the fuck is that?!
  • Kenny: It's the zombies!! We gotta kill them!!
  • (the Tiger Troops and the kids go to the fields and fight the zombies)