Shawnee Dovell

Real name

Shawnee Dovell

Birth place

Rouen, French Empire (present-day France)

Birth date

September 5, 1575


16 (Soul Calibur III-Soul Calibur IV)
33 (Soul Calibur V-Soul Calibur Endless Rage)


Iaitō hidden in an oilpaper parasol (Soul Calibur III-IV, Soul Calibur Endless Rage)
Iaito Blade (Soul Calibur V)

Fighting style

Shinden Tsushima-ryu Battōjyutsu




Soul Calibur III
Soul Calibur IV
Soul Calibur V
Soul Calibur Endless Rage

First game

Soul Calibur III

English voice actor

Cristina Pucelli (Soul Calibur III)
Heather Hogan (Soul Calibur IV, Soul Calibur Endless Rage)
Nicole Karrer (Soul Calibur V)

Shawnee Dovell is a character in the Soul series of the fighting games made by Toshiyuki Endo. She made her debut in Soul Calibur III, and has returned in Soul Calibur IV, Soul Calibur V, and Soul Calibur Endless Rage.

Physical appearanceEdit

Shawnee has red eyes and long yellow hair. She has long, straight hair with bangs on her forhead and at the sides of the head. It is based on the Hime cut hairstyle. She has a sweet and strong face. She has white skin.


Soul Calibur IIIEdit

Soul Calibur IVEdit

Soul Calibur VEdit

Soul Calibur Endless RageEdit

Fighting StyleEdit

In Soul Calibur III, Shawnee uses her iaito sword hidden in an umbrella to fight. In Soul Calibur V, she uses an iaito blade to fight.

Critical FinishEdit

Shawnee sprints forward and swings a devastatingly fast blow at her opponent. The screen goes black, and a gray line slashes to the left. Then, the screen splits vertically, showing her several yards behind her opponent. Then the opponent falls as she sheaths her sword as cherry blossoms fall around her.

Critical EdgeEdit

Shawnee sprints forward and swings a devastatingly fast blow at her opponent, crystallizing them as she sheathes her sword.


In Soul Calibur III, Shawnee wears a blue princess dress, blue gloves, blue tights, and blue boots. In Soul Calibur IV, she wears a different dress, except it has a slit on the left side of the dress. In Soul Calibur V, she wears a similar dress to that one from Soul Calibur III. In Soul Calibur Endless Rage, she wears the same outfit from Soul Calibur III.

Create-a-Soul formula SCIIIEdit

Name: Shawnee

Gender: Female

Job: Ninja

Discipline: Soul of Setsuka

Weapon: Any

Hair: Long Hair (Tied) (10,20 and 26,20)

Mid Torso: Grand Dame (26,20)

Arms: Leather Gloves (26,20)

Lower Legs: Lady Pants (22,20)

Socks: Tabi (26,20)

Feet: Long Boots (26,20)

Face: 06

Eyebrows: 10,20

Lips: 03,15

Eyes: 02,20

Skin: 04,15

Underwear: 01,18

Voice: Girl 2 (English)

Alignment: Good/Light


  • Shawnee's rivals are Mitsurugi, Maxi, Kilik, Blondell, and Marceline.


Soul Calibur IIIEdit

  • Get out of the way!
  • I'll show true strength!
  • Come on, come and get me!
  • Do you see now? never stood a chance.
  • That was a pretty good warm up fight!
  • You're way too weak.
  • You can't stop me!
  • No one can stand against my ninjitsu! - Press or hold any button during replay
  • Take this!
  • Too easy!
  • Outta my way!
  • Give it up!
  • Arrogant fool!
  • That won't work!
  • It's over!
  • This is the end!
  • How's that?
  • There's more!
  • You're not going anywhere!
  • You're open!
  • What a joke! - Taunt
  • Hurry up and disappear! - Taunt!
  • What?!
  • Impossible!